Rockhounding New York

"A field guide to some of the New York's best rockhounding sites!" This book is a 6" x 9" paperback with 277 pages, descriptions, maps, and photos.

Rockhounding New YorkTable of Contents

Rockhounding Basics4
New York Geology10
New York Natural Resources14
How to Use This Guide17
Map Legend20
Atlantic Coastal Plain
1. Orient Point Beach Quartz Pebbles21
2. Rocky Point Beach Quartz Pebbles24
3. Lloyd Neck Cliffs Indian Paint Pots26
Manhattan Prong
4. Staten Island Ferry Serpentine and Gneiss29
5. Staten Island Todt Hill Serpentine33
6. Inwood Park Shoreline Rocks36
7. Valhalla - Kensico Dam Quarry Orange Gneiss39
Hudson Highlands
8. Hogencamp Iron Mine42
9. Hasenclever Iron Mine45
10. Bear Mountain Highway 6 Minerals47
11. Hudson Railroad Cut Calcite50
12. Philips Mine Sulfides52
13. Mount Taurus Quarry54
14. Amity - Pine Island Calcite56
Taconic Mountains
15. Millerton Iron Mine Pond Blue Slag59
16. Weed Mines Limonite and Hematite62
17. Souty Bay Roadside Quarry Ripple Marks64
18. Pulpit Point Road Graphite Boulders67
Hudson - Mohawk Lowlands
19. Highland Mills Fossils69
20. Wurtsboro Lead Mines72
21. Ellenville Pyrite and Quartz75
22. Kingston Highway 32 Calcite Crystals77
23. Kingston Highway 209 Fossils80
24. Catskill Highway 23 Taconic Unconformity82
25. Stark's Knob Pillow Basalts and Pyrite84
26. Lester Park Stromatolites87
27. Canajoharie Creek Fossils89
28. Diamond Acres Herkimer Diamonds92
29. Crystal Grove Herkimer Diamonds95
30. Herkimer Diamond Mines97
31. Ace of Diamonds Mine101
32. Newville Nowadaga Creek Graptolites and Trilobites103
33. Ilion Jerusalem Hill road Orange Travertine105
34. Forge Hollow Travertine107
Adirondack Mountains
35. Batchellerville Pegmatites109
36. Barton Mines Garnet112
37. Hooper Mine Garnets115
38. Speculator Highway 30 Diopside and Garnet117
39. Brant Lake Roadcut Quartz Crystals119
40. Rock Pond Mine Sulfides122
41. Ironville Blue and Green Slag124
42. Schroon Lake roadcut Minerals127
43. Minerva Railroad Cut Light Blue Calcite129
44. Tahawus Mine Titaniferous Magnetite131
45. Blue Ridge Labradorite134
46. Newcomb Highway 28 Calcite with Graphite136
47. Long Lake Highway 30 Fluorite and Calcite138
48. Roaring Brook Falls Labradorite140
49. Cascade Lakes Calcite and Diopside142
50. Lewis Mine Entrance Wollastonite144
51. Willsboro Dump Road Wollastonite, Garnet, and Diopside146
52. Lyon Mountain Magnetite148
53. Standish Slag152
54. Pierrepont Dillabough Road Hematite155
55. West Pierrepont Selleck Roat Tremolite158
56. Pyrites Pyrite160
57. Richville Rock Island Roadcut Calcite162
58. Edwards Campbell Road Calcite164
59. Star Lake Benson Mines Minerals166
60. Fine Roadcut Titanite, Pyroxene, and Purple Fluorite168
61. Hailesboro Banded Marble Road Cut170
62. Balmat Sylvia Lake Talc172
63. Talcville Tremolite and Talc174
64. Harrisville Mine Blue Calcite and Wollastonite176
65. Oxbow Road Calcite178
66. Yellow Lake Roadcut Calcite180
Tug Hill Plateau
67. Whetstone Gulf Fossils182
68. Whittaker Falls Brachiopods185
Allegheny Plateau
69. Thacher Park Zoophycos and Brachiopods188
70. Schoharie Rickard Road Fossils192
71. North Blenheim Schoharie Creek Fossils194
72. Leesville Highway 20 Fossils196
73. Cherry Valley Highway 20 Corals198
74. Fly Creek / Cooperstown Highway 28 Fossils200
75. Brookfield Beaver Creek Road Fossils202
76. Hamilton Briggs Road Quarry Fossils205
77. Hubbardsville Cole Hill Road Fossils207
78. Morrisville Swamp road Fossils209
79. Chittenango Falls Calcite and Celestite211
80. Borodino Highway 41 Fossils214
81. Pompey Center Highway 20 Fossils216
82. Marcellus Shale Type Sections and Concretions218
83. Tully I-81 and Highway 80 Fossils221
84. Hoxie Gorge Fossils223
85. Vestal Route 26 Fossils225
86. Chemung Narrows Former Highway 17 Fossils228
87. Waverly Old Highway 34 Rugose Corals230
88. Portageville Highway 436 Road Aggregate Fossils232
89. Fall Brook Falls Brachiopods and Corals235
90. East Bethany Francis Road Railroad Cut Fossils237
91. Alden Spring Creek Trilobites and Concretions239
92. Chestnut Ridge Park Eternal Flame242
93. Chautauqua Creek - Lyons Road Fossils244
Ontario Lowlands
94. Ontario Furnaceville Hematite247
95. Genesee River Gorge Hematite251
Atlantic Coastal Plain
96. Penn Dixie Site Trilobites254
97. South Branch Smokes Creek Fossils258
98. Eighteen Mile Creek Fossils260
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