Where to Find Gold In The Mother Lode

Prospecting expert James Klein writes about finding gold in his favorite area, the Mother Lode region of California. From CA gold rush history to current times, this book will tell you where gold was, and can be, found in Mother Lode country. A 5.5" x 8.5" paperback with 179 pages.

Where to Find Gold In The Mother LodeTable of Contents

History of the Gold Rush3
Geology of the Mother Lode13
Significant Events in the Mother Lode19
Where to Find Gold
1. Madera County25
2. Mariposa County30
3. Toulumne County41
4. Calaveras County48
5. Amador County58
6. El Dorado County65
7. Placer County74
8. Nevada County81
9. Sierra County91
10. The Feather River99
The Miners Ten Commandments103
The Geology of Placer Deposits110
How to Find Gold121
12. Equipment124
13. How to Pan135
14. Dredging137
15. Electronic Prospecting140
16. Department of Fish and Game157
17. Mining Zones159
18. How to Stake a Claim172
Assaying and Refining174
Author's Biography180