Navigating ArcObjects Object Model Diagrams (OMDs)?

How does everyone get round navigating the different Object Model Diagrams (OMDs)?

I can work with single interfaces no problem, but when i have to use multiple interfaces I struggle to get my head round go through different interfaces, as I am never sure which one to use.

So what is everyone's tips that they could share?

Also read through the overviews for the libaries that you want to use. The overviews should be highlighting the most commonly used coclasses and interfaces and discuss some common workflows.

Last time I checked there is some information found only in the OMD's, for example suppose you were writing a custom class extension. There's a whole slew of optional interfaces to pick from, but the only place where these are nicely listed, AFAIK, is on the OMD.

It really helps if you know UML. In the class that I had in college the professor called it QI (Query Interface) hopping. The Getting To Know ArcObjects book has a nice break down of how to work with the diagrams.

So basically, its been sometime for me, the lollipop looking items on the left hand side of the objects define the interfaces that they implement. Then you can use that to jump around.